Monday, January 26, 2015

Around the House - Office makeover!

So we spent a good chunk of the day yesterday working on our office.  It was in desperate need of some TLC and TLC is what we gave it!  We moved the desk around & put it up against the wall.  While it was fun to have it in the middle of the room & be able to look out while on the computer, it was taking up a LOT of space!   And can we just talk about this deer painting?!  Our friend Nick painted it for us - we still love it!  Check out his work through the link :D
I scored this fun roll-top desk from a friend & love having it in the office!  One of these days I will get around to painting it :D  I love chalk paint!!  Here are a couple of other projects I've worked on, using chalk paint
I'm notorious for killing plants - for what ever reason I just can't keep them alive in the house.  The only one's that have survived are an orchid that has not bloomed for 2+ years (but the leaves are still green, so we keep feeding it the ice it needs once a week ;) ), and the random basil plants I had growing in my kitchen (btw - mom & Tracey, are they still alive?!).  So, hopefully this beauty of a lilly will survive!  So far, after one day, she's doing great & LOVING her new living arrangements :)
Who else has a gallery wall in their house?!  I love ours!!  Just some random b & w pictures, some with very special meaning to us :)  We had the little rocking chair down in the basement, in one of our spare rooms down there.  When the hubbs mentioned he'd love a "reading nook" in the re-decorated office, I knew exactly what to put there.  I know the chair isn't super fancy or cute, but it used to be my grandma & grandpa's, so again, it holds special meaning to me :)  And the lamp was from their house as well :)  That little table doesn't really hold any special meaning, but she too will be painted one of these days!!!  Stay tuned ;)

You might recognize the shelves & picture from a previous post - this wall has sure changed a lot since then! 

I'll post more after I paint the table & the desk :D

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