Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anniversay - Grandma

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my Grandma Vera's home-going to be with the Lord.  It was such a bitter-sweet day, but gosh, I can't tell you how envious I am of where she is right now!  She knew Jesus Christ as her personal Lord & Savior & we know without a doubt that she is now in Heaven, free of pain & laughing up a storm with my Papa :)  And so many others that have gone before us. 

I remember how it seemed like the 2 1/2 hour drive seemed like it took forever as I was on my way home to say my final goodbyes.  I put one of my playlists on my iPod & hit cruise control & away I went.  I was struck with a ton of emotions as this very powerful song came on.  It's called "Heaven Song" by Phil Wickham. 

I was so sad, knowing that this was the end of this life for my sweet Grandma & that we wouldn't get any more time with her here.  But at the same time, I was elated knowing that she was going on into glory to spend eternity with Christ!  What a relief!!  She is now in the presence of our great God!  A line in the song says, "And my soul is getting restless for the place where I belong.  I can't wait to join the angels & sing my Heaven Song".  Listen to it here:

My grandma was so ready to get to Heaven, the place where she belongs.  The place where we all belong!  I can't wait to get there either, Grandma!!  But until then, I'm going to keep living out your legacy here on Earth.  If I can be half the prayer warrior that you were, that'll be quite an accomplishment.  I want to love people like Christ loves them.  I want to point people toward Heaven.  I want people to have a relationship with Jesus, like you did.  Thank you, Grandma for the countless hours I spent with you in my younger years & - it was such a blessing to have you & Papa as our neighbors!  Thanks for always sharing yummy treats & giggles with me as we played cards or just sat & watched The Game Show Network & other shows.  I wish I had 20 more years to spend with you & learn from you so that some day I can leave a legacy here like you have! You don't even know how much you mean to me & to the rest of our family.  You are so dearly missed.  But, we all know that you are in a much, much better place right now, & for that we rejoice & wouldn't want you to leave your HOME :D  We know that you are one of our guardian angels, looking out for us & you will always be with us!

Here's a pic from the funeral - most of the family made it that day, which was such a blessing!  Yup, we've got a very large family!  But I love it & wouldn't trade it for the world!!

And, here's one from our wedding:

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