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Wow, it's taken me forever to post some pictures from our trip to Canada!!  It seems as though it's been a whirlwind since we got back & life has had many ups & downs since then.  But, I finally have a Saturday at home, which I love!  And, the weather outside is frightfu.....  no, I mean it's GORGEOUS!  I just love beautiful fall days in Minnesota!  The leaves are changing color, there's a crispness to the air at night, & there's a wonderful smell in the air!  I will post more pictures of fall later.  Let's focus on Canada for now :)

Despite the hail storm that we had to drive through on our way to Banff & the damage it did to Beauty (my car) we had a great trip!  We spent 4 nights in Canada & then drove down to Montana, which was also great.  I'll talk more about that part of the trip later on as well - I just want to show the beauty of the Banff area for now!

It was absolutely gorgeous!!!  If you've never been, trust me, you NEED to take the time to go.  I've heard it's beautiful in the winter as well, but it was perfect in the summer (well, besides sleeping in a tent when it was in the 40's at night, but that's beside the point, lol!).  I highly recommend going!

Gorgeous, huh?!

I think this is called the Fairmont....... it's a huge, famous hotel in Banff.

This is Lake Louise.  The color of the water was stunning, as was the view!

Ready to start our first hike of the trip, up to the Tea Hut!

This was a little less than half way up the mountain....

We made it to the top!  As we sat to eat lunch, we were welcomed by some guests........

He wanted to eat our food.

Happy Anniversary!

See that hotel at the bottom?  That's where we started our trek!

Ed brought his spotting scope, which was pretty fun to look through!

I think this was Morraine Lake.  Again, the color of the water was gorgeous!!!

This is a glacier.

This is me trying to hold up the glacier.

Yes, he did walk across there & explored over on the other side of the river :D

Breathtakingly beautiful!!

Good bye Banff.  Hopefully we'll see you again some day!

So, there you have it!  Next up, pics of Montana!!

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