Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bachelorette Fans - Curacao Home

I often will post my crafts and home made items on linking parties each day.  One blog in particular that I really enjoy is called Between Naps on the Porch - it's just fun to link to, but also fun to see all of the things that are posted on there are well!  Here's one in particular that caught my eye!  It's about the house that Emily from The Bachelorette stayed in while in Curacao!  From what I understand the blog host has some long distance connection with the owner of the house - how fun is that?! 

Check it out!

I didn't watch too much of the show this season, but did see the end - how gorgeous does Curacao look?!  I'd love to go there any day :D

Have a blissful day!

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