Thursday, May 31, 2012


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Purging kind of day......

It seems as though it's been forever since I last blogged!  The hubby & I had a great little "staycation" in Red Wing, MN on Friday - it was gorgeous & the perfect little getaway!  We stayed at the St James Hotel, which I highly recommend.  I definitely learned my lesson not to judge a book by its cover b/c in all honesty, the pics of the place on the internet didn't make it look all that appealing.  Thankfully I listened to my husband - the place is very cool!  It was built in the 1870's (or somewhere in there) and is gorgeous.  If you ever get a chance - go!!  We brought our bikes & also got a chance to ride along some of the bike trails which follow the river through the bluffs of southern MN, which was fun.  Then we spent the day out & about on Saturday & I somehow even managed to get my husband to willing go to the Mall of America on our way home!  I was shocked!!  Sunday & Monday were filled with lots of time outside, working in our yard, which was fabulous.  We got a small garden planted, as well as some flowers, & laid some sod down where there used to be a rock garden.  It looks so much better!  Hopefully the rabbits & squirrels will stay out of the garden & my flowers..........

Now, I'm working on purging.  My family is doing a garage sale this weekend (in Cromwell, MN in front of "Hair It Is", and I'm trying to get rid of stuff I don't need or use any more.  I'll admit it, I'm a pack rat & have a really hard time getting rid of things I "might" need in the future.  Being as I moved about 10 months ago, I did go through a lot of my stuff then too, but somehow I've managed to acquire more stuff that I don't need!  Usually my motto is if you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it.  But, that's so much easier said than done!!  But, hopefully I'll be able to follow my own rule, get rid of some stuff to someone else who needs some stuff, and maybe make a few bucks!  Which, will inevitably be used to buy more stuff, I'm sure :)  I'm mostly excited about getting to spend another day with some of my family, whom I treasure dearly & can't seem to spend enough time with them.  I'm sure there will be lots of laughter & joking around going on during the garage sale!  Plus, I get to try to sell some of my crafts as well!  I'm hoping & praying they'll sell soon so that I can make more, as I truly enjoy doing it & would love to make a career out of it!  We'll see what God has up his sleeve :) 

So, all that to say, I've been a bit pre-occupied with other things & haven't taken the time to sit down & post anything - hopefully next week will be better!  I hope you have a fabulous day filled with many blessings!

Here are a few things that will available on Saturday for crafts:

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MN Bride Features Jenna!

I could literally look at our wedding pictures from last summer all day, every day!  A distant relative, Jenna, of Photographs by Jenna Leigh did such an incredible job with our wedding pictures and we just love them!  She not only shot pictures for us that day, but also volunteered to help with some hair-dos for my bridesmaids & flowergirl.  She paid such special attention to details & captured so many great pics that we will be able to look back on to remember our special day! 

Now she's being featured in MN Bride magazine and I'm so excited for her!  Check out the article & then go to her blog to read the story about the amazing couple she photographed, which was featured in the article.  She's and incredible woman with an incredible heart and passion! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

"New" chair!

Have I mentioned before how much I love bargain shopping?!  A couple of weekends ago, my mom, sister-in-law, 2 aunts and a cousin came to stay with me for the weekend so that we could shop, shop, shop!  We spent a few hours Friday night at HomeGoods & a few other stores.  Saturday morning we got up early to hit up a neighborhood that had over 200 houses having garage sales, to which we managed to be at for nearly 6 hours!  Saturday evening we hit up a place called TurnStyle, which is a consignment store, where I found one of my favorite items for the weekend!  After that we proceeded to shop some more at the mall & made it home late that night :D  I found it to be a very successful weekend with lots of bargains & fun items for the house - all for quite cheap!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been looking for a chair or something to go in my living room in the big empty space under the flower picture.  Well, I found something!  This fun old green chair!

It's not a perfect match, but I think it works!  It was a great deal too, which makes it even better :D 

We also found the table next to it for free at one of the garage sales - can't beat that price! It needs some TLC, but that I can handle. I'm also going to do something different with the "Inspire" decoration, but not quite sure yet what that might be.........I'll come up with something when the time is right! 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Orchid Kiss

And the bathroom color winner is....... Orchid Kiss, which is a pink/purple/fuscia color and I am in love with it! It's not quite what I expected, but I still like it :D I love having a girly room! I'm not done decorating it yet - there will be more on the bright wall at some point - just need to find the perfect thing to go on it! So, the birds on the branch will do for now! My husband's reaction when he first saw it was priceless - there was a nervous laugh & some statement along the lines of, "wow, that's really bright"! I don't think he knew what to make of it. I do like doing things for shock value and this was definitely one of those things. Here are the pics!

  The paint color is Orchid Kiss, and is Behr paint & primer from Home Depot.
I got the pattern for these birds and the contact paper on clearance at JoAnn Fabric, & just cut out the design, hoping the black & white would go with the bathroom. The birds may not stay in this spot, but it works for now :D

I am enjoying the way the black turned out as well!  Originally I was going to have the fuscia on several walls, but I didn't have enough of it, so did black on all of the other one's instead and I think it works! 

I took leftover contact paper to cover my outlets.  They're not perfect, but they'll do!  I found the "Embrace" sign at a garage sale this weekend and got it  for super cheap - it goes great!  I love getting a good deal :D
The flowers were also on clearance at Hobby Lobby in Minot - I so wish we had them here in Minnesota!  It's fabulous! 

The vase was another bargain find at Turn Style, and again it goes perfect in this room with all of the other sparkle & glam - even the soap pump shines!  It goes so well with this perfect shower curtain......
So, what do you think?!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bathroom Re-do!

I've had the bug lately to paint a wall or a room black and I can't quite figure out why!  My bathroom needed a bit of a change, to make it a bit more girly.  Now, I probably wouldn't usually but black walls & girly together, but I took the plunge & did it!!  At first I was only going to make one wall black as it is not a very large bathroom, so I didn't want the black to make it feel smaller.  But, in the end, I wound up with all of the walls but one being black :D  Funny how that works out!  I didn't have enough of the other color paint to do 2 walls in that color, thus the all black & only one accent wall.  But, I think it turned out great!  Stay tuned to see which color I chose as the accent........ 
In the meantime, here are some pics :D
Here are the before pictures - I love, love, love my beautiful shower curtain & matching hand soap pumper - they were also some of my favorite wedding gifts!  And, also part of the inspiration for black walls & painting the bathroom. 

One wall done......

So many options!!!  Which color should I choose?!

I've heard green is great for bathrooms......

And pink & purple are just fun.....

More pink options.....

Although....maybe I should do yellow?!  That's also a very trendy color right now...... 

What do you think I chose?!  Was it one of these 4, or a different color from that pile of paint color samples?!  Stay tuned to find out......... :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hand Painted Tree

Here was my first craft project that then spiraled into many other projects!  I took a stab at painting - I needed something to put above my kitchen stove & didn't want to spend oodles of money on it, so I made my own to match my decor!  It's pretty small, but it works in the small space :)

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Chair Re-do Tutorial

After giving our kitchen a MAJOR makeover, I've been wondering what to do with the chairs at our little table.  They had been painted white, but were needing an update & just didn't look quite right with all of the other stuff that had been re-done.  Our cabinets are in between an off white & a cream color, so the white chairs didn't match all that well.  I thought about painting them the same color as the cabinets, but I wasn't sure if they'd just blend right in.  The walls are gray, so I had contemplated using the gray, but again, I wondered if they would get lost into the walls.  I've got a bright green color for the main accent, and then have also used a teal color as another accent. 

I put my creative cap on and decided to take a chance & try to make the chairs pop & try to bring some more color into the kitchen. I've seen pictures all over the place on Pinterest where people have used a bold color on a piece of furniture, so thought I'd give it a whirl!  Here is a picture of my inspiration:
I searched high & low & finally found a spray paint color at Home Depot that I thought might work.  It's made by Rustoleum.  I made sure to wash down the chairs before starting.  I did not sand them down, so we'll see how they hold up over time :D

 I used 2 coats of spray paint to cover the chairs & used about 1 1/2 cans of the paint.  One thing to note - cover the stuff around you!  Thankfully I had enough sense to cover my husbands motorcylce before I started!  When I was done & moved my drop cloth, there were traces of spray paint on the garage floor :)  Oops :)

Overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!  They are a bit bright, so I will just need to add something with the same color on the other half of the kitchen.  They are a bit brighter than the other teal accents that I've got.  But, it works and definitely accomplished my goal!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So much to learn!

As I look more & more into the possibilities that come through having a blog, I'm realizing that I have so much to learn!  There is so much that I do not know about this world of blogging, but I look forward to exploring the many, many things that I can do with it :)  If you have any tips for me, I'm all ears!!  Today I'm learning about linking & sitemaps & gadgets - whew!

In the meantime, check out this great site, because it's "Whatever You Want Wednesday":

Have a fabulous day my friends!
PS- stay tuned for pictures of the chairs that I recently painted for our kitchen..............