Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Around the House - Living Room

I thought I'd take some time & share some of my decorating style throughout our house.  Today I'll start with the living room.  There's still one more piece of furniture I'd like to get, but we'll see what happens.  The space under the flower picture could use either a cute chair, or a bench, or even some sort of buffet or hutch or a cute table.  I'm waiting to find a great deal on something - otherwise I'll try to find something to re-do!  We will just have to wait and see what I find!  Here is your tour :)

 This is the view from the hallway.  Isn't that mirror fabulous!  Thank you aunts & uncles for the fun wedding gift :)
 This is essentially from the top of the steps.  These couches came from a super fun "garage sale" they seemed to be almost new & were under $150 for the 3 pieces - I was quite giddy after that day!
 I loved the picture hanging here the moment I saw it at Target & just knew it belonged in our living room :)  Again, thanks to some amazing people & their generosity, we were able to use some Target gift cards from our wedding to purchase it!  The shelf in the corner also holds many items that were given to us for our wedding.  At the moment it is missing the picture blocks that my cousin Erin made for us - each block had a photo of us from the engagement pics she took of us, or else letters that spelled some words (I believe it's faith hope & love).  The other sides of the blocks contain super cute colors & designs of scrapbooking paper & more pics of us.  I think it was one of my favorite gifts as well!  I'm hoping to get them back soon so I can put them up again! :)

  I really like the color of blue on this big wall!  My husbands mom helped to pick it out, so I can't take credit for it - but it's perfect!

Stay tuned for another room on another day :)


Colejo32 said...

Now I just need to make some colorful pillows for the couch/chair & we'll be in business!

Jessica Lisson said...

Wow Nicole!! Please come help me decorate some space some day! You really have an eye for making things work together! Awesome! I look forward to seeing another room!!

Colejo32 said...

Sounds good, Jess! I'd love to :) Just let me know when :)