Friday, April 20, 2012

Around the House: DIY Dining Room & Entry Way

So, we've done some work to our house.  A LOT of work actually.  Most of it took place within the first month of getting married & it was a lot of work!  But, the end result was wonderful & I love how everything has turned out!  The dining room used to have carpet, but we tore it out & replaced it with laminate flooring instead.  It looks SO much better! 

The person who owned the house before my husband bought it smoked in the house & that smell lingered after he was gone.  Every room & ceiling got painted, but the smell was embedded into the carpet.  Which, btw, some of it was quite.. well... interesting!  So, all of the carpet got replaced last summer - it changed to look of all of the rooms!  For the most part, the smoke smell is gone - thank you Lord!  However, we still have one room & a couple of closets that still have yet to be re-done, so I do occasionaly smell some smoke in those areas.  Hopefull we can get those taken care of soon :)  Anyway, the dining room & kitchen (which I show pictures of at a later time) both got the laminate flooring put in them & my husband did an incredible job!  I LOVE it!

Here's a look at the dining room from start to finish:
 We knew this would be a big project, but it ended up going pretty smooth

 Making progress!

 This is from the stairs, looking toward the front door.  The kitchen is on the left (more pictures of that room to come....stay tuned for the dramatic update!)
 Yeah, we did it!!  It took many moths to get the trim back up.....
 But with the help of some great people, it got done in one evening!
 The picture was a shower gift from my mom... the blue bird in it ties in great with the blue on the wall in the living room.  And, she helped me pic out the tree branches next to the patio door, which also looks great!
 Just another angle....
 And another one.....
 And one from upstairs :)
 Front door....Love the rug I got from Pier1!  Yes, I did make the wreath, although it needs a few minor improvements :)
And from the front door looking in....

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE our house & how much fun it's been to decorate it?!  I am so incredibly blessed & thank God for this wonderful gift!  We try to make sure to use this blessing to bless others & open our house to many guests, as well as our small group from church :)

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